What You Can Do to Help Feral Cats


  • Implement a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for free-roaming cats in your community.
  • Advocate for TNR programs in your community by sending polite and educational letters to city council members, accompanied by a petition with collected signatures.
  • Address neighborhood concerns and complaints by educating them on the importance and effectiveness of TNR; offer to setup sprinklers and other harmless deterrents to keep cats out of gardens; and build outdoor litter boxes and scoop daily.
  • Encourage your veterinarian to treat feral cats and offer TNR services.
  • Respond to negative press by submitting editorial letters presenting the facts on TNR and cat predation.
  • Contact wildlife and bird conservation groups and encourage them to adopt nonlethal forms of animal management, including TNR for community cats.
  • Volunteer, foster, and donate to Town Cats or other local cat organizations devoted to community cats.
  • Support colony caretakers by building shelters and/or feeding stations and donating food.
  • Adopt an alley cat.
TNR Assistance:

Town Cats will also provide spay/neuter services for free-roaming or pet cats at low cost. To take advantage of this service please contact us!

Other Options:

www.forgottencats.org or call the hotline at 302-429-0124
www.communitycatscoalition.com or call 443-909-8047





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