Need Help Paying Vet Bills?

Whenever possible, work with your veterinarian.   Ask your primary vet whether any less expensive treatment option is available. Think about getting a second opinion to compare medical cost. Try to arrange a payment plan. Ask whether the practice would accept services in place of cash. Perhaps an extra hand at the reception desk or in the kennel is needed at times.


Helpful links to various types of financial resources follow:

National Resources



  • Cats in Crisis
    Offers grants for cats with kidney disease, thyroid disease or cardiac conditions, or neurological conditions or mobility impairments such as Cerebellar hypoplasia, paraplegia, and limb malformations.
  • Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program 
    Medical costs for life-threatening illness or injury. Limited to recipients of State Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security only income; a public assistance program; or unemployment benefits.
    Affordable spay/neuter services.




Local Resources