CAT FOSTERS provide temporary housing for homeless cats until permanent, loving homes can be found.
Foster homes provide a safe, secure environment for our cats, and allow the cat to live a normal life in a home
environment. Each cat is evaluated while in foster care for personality traits, behavioral and health issues, and any
special needs. The foster home’s evaluation is critical to determine how each animal interacts with people and
other animals. Knowing each animal well allows us to choose the best home for each pet, and provides potential
adopters with the opportunity to choose the best pet for their home. As a Town Cat’s foster home, you are
responsible for the temporary care and feeding of any foster animals in your home. You provide the food, litter,
supplies, love and if possible transportation to/from the vet for appointments. Town Cats pays for the costs
associated with veterinary care of our foster cats. You can choose how many animals you foster at one time.
Typically, each animal stays in a foster home between a few weeks and several months. However, Town Cats
cannot guarantee that any animal will be adopted within a specific time period.

There are 3 main types of foster homes.
1. MATERNITY FOSTER – cares for pregnant moms through weening phase. Time commitment up to about 12
2. EMERGENCY FOSTER – needed on short notice for cats coming into the program that need vetting and medical care before being placed around other cats. Also needed while waiting for space to open in other foster homes. Must have area to keep the temporary foster isolated from other cats. Time
commitment typically 3days to 3 weeks.
3. ADULT CAT FOSTER – provides home for non-kittens until home can be found. Time commitment – varies.


  • Provide shelter, food, litter, supplies and TLC to the foster cat
  • Maintain up-to-date, running medical and behavioral history
  • Maintain medical supplies, request new or replacement supplies as needed
  • Provide an indoor-only environment for all cats
  • Communicate regularly with the foster coordinator regarding any changes to animal health, behavioral
    issues, etc.
  • Evaluate animal’s personality and provide recommendations for ideal permanent home environment
  • Provide regular updates & pictures of the foster cat for website/Facebook
  • Provide mentoring and follow up as needed after the cat goes home.

TIME COMMITMENT:    There’s a time commitment. Fostering time depends on circumstances. Foster parents don’t need to be home 24 hours a day, but you will need to be sure appropriate care is available at all times when you have a foster in your home.





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