Welcome to Blufrog Farm!

Blufrog Farm is a cat sanctuary dedicated to providing a safe and healthy refuge for cats that are or soon will be homeless, giving preference to those cats that are in danger or injured.


Provide daily care and interaction with each cat to maximize socialization and health. Create opportunities for adoption of every cat (all cats are adoptable!)

Who We Are

Established in 2022, Blufrog Farm is the cat sanctuary for Town Cats of Ocean City. Located on private property covering nine acres in Parsonsburg, Maryland, we currently care for 120+ cats and kittens. Volunteers are drawn from the local areas in Ocean City, Berlin, Parsonsburg and Salisbury, Maryland.

What We Do

The cats are cared for by volunteers daily, filling water bowls, food bowls, opening over 100 cans of food per day and cleaning 37 litter boxes, twice a day. Additionally, there is medications to give, vet appointments to meet, intakes for new cats, coats to brush, lawns to keep trim, building maintenance to do, adoption events to organize, tours to lead and funds to raise. We provide a safe and healthy refuge for homeless cats, working to get them adopted to a loving home or allowing them to live their life out in the sanctuary.

Which Cats Are Adoptable?

Every single one! There are a variety of adoptive situations that allow for adoption of all cats whether it be in a loving home or as a working cat on a farm or in a warehouse. Cats with disabilities are adoptable

Surrendering A Cat

If you have found or have a cat or kitten that is or will be homeless, please complete a Contact Form at TownCats.net. Space is dependent on the season of the year (kitten season impacts us greatly) and how well adoptions have been going. Space opens, then closes often. If you are contacted and offered a space do not assume that the space will always be available. Priority is given to cats and kittens that are in danger or injured.

A $250 surrender fee per cat or kitten, allows for the necessary medical vetting and a minimum of 3 months of food and litter for your cat. Adoption fees are currently $95 which does not cover medical costs or food in the average 6 months a cat is in our care before being adopted. Our adoption rate is less than 10%, meaning we have to plan on 90% of the cats we receive to live out their 16-20 year lives in our care. The average cost to provide kibble, canned food and litter to an adult cat is $70 per month. Kitten care is more expensive at $122 per month. It is costly and does not include medical expenses that invariably grow as the cat ages.

Visit Us

We welcome visitors by appointment only. Since the sanctuary is on private property visitation is available most days of the week between 9am – 7pm. You must have a confirmed appointment to visit on site or surrender a cat. Text or call: 410-279-3131 to make an appointment. You can also complete a Contact Form on TownCats.net for an appointment or to drop donations at Blufrog Farm.

Available Fundraisers

  • Sponsor A Resident – You can be a virtual owner of a resident at Blufrog Farm until they are adopted. Providing a monthly fee between $5-30 allows you to be a sponsor for any of our residents.
  • Buy A Brick – Bricks are engraved and will be a permanent feature of each catio entrance. The cost $80 per brick. Engraving includes the brick, 3 lines of engraving, and an image if space is available. Download form here.
  • You Name It – Provide a significant donation (minimum $1,000) and your name will be engraved on a catio, cottage, bench, climbing feature or cat friendly fence.
  • Donate to TownCats.net – You can provide a donation to Town Cats of Ocean City (via TownCats.net) designating it to Blufrog Farm, and we will receive those funds directly.




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